GIGABYTE DP2.1 UHBR20 OLED Monitor Unveiled at CES 2024

GIGABYTE unveiled its OLED monitor lineup at CES 2024, featuring the world’s first DP2.1 UHBR20 gaming monitor. This groundbreaking display technology promises enhanced performance and capabilities for gaming enthusiasts.

The DP2.1 UHBR20 specification highlights advanced features, and the introduction of OLED technology in monitors suggests improved contrast ratios, vibrant colors and faster response times contributing to an immersive gaming experience.

The DP2.1 UHBR20 Breakthrough

The FO32U2P takes the spotlight as the world’s first DP 2.1 UHBR20 tactical gaming monitor, boasting an impressive 80 Gbps bandwidth without Display Stream Compression (DSC).

This translates to an authentic gaming experience with 2.5 times more bandwidth than its predecessor, the DP 1.4 HBR3.

The inclusion of Daisy Chain support simplifies multi-display setups, reducing cable clutter for a seamless gaming environment.

Innovative Tactical Features

AORUS gaming monitors showcase innovative tactical features, including the Tactical Switch—a dedicated shortcut key for quick-access functions.

The Night Vision feature enhances visibility in low-light conditions without compromising the entire screen’s exposure. For first-person shooter enthusiasts, the Resolution Switch allows instant switching to a 24-inch size in 1080p resolution with a single click, optimizing the setup for fast-paced gaming experiences.


Addressing image retention concerns, GIGABYTE introduces OLED Care—a suite of AI-driven solutions.

This feature autonomously conducts routine OLED maintenance based on screen usage patterns, enhancing user experience without manual intervention. It ensures the reliability and longevity of the panels.

Unparalleled Visual Experience

Built on CMR13000-tier QD-OLED panels, these monitors deliver unparalleled motion clarity, reducing motion blur and ghosting.

The 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio, VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400, and 99% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut guarantee unmatched image clarity and sharpness. With high refresh rates and a lightning-fast 0.03 ms GtG response time, gameplay is exceptionally smooth and responsive.

Diverse Offerings

Complementing the FO32U2P are the FO32U2, featuring HDMI 2.1 FRL 12G support, and the FO27Q3, boasting an extraordinary 360Hz refresh rate for exceptionally smooth visuals.

For an immersive experience, the ultra-wide curved monitors MO34WQC and MO34WQC2 are designed to meet the rigorous demands of gaming and multitasking.

GIGABYTE’s CES 2024 OLED monitor lineup promises to redefine the gaming and multitasking experience, setting new benchmarks in performance and innovation.

CES 2024 Unveiling

The CES 2024 event was the stage for this spectacular debut. GIGABYTE, known for its commitment to pushing technological boundaries, showcased not just a monitor but a glimpse into the future of gaming displays.

The unveiling sparked excitement and discussions, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the arrival of these cutting-edge monitors.

Community Buzz

For those curious about the tech specs, the community buzzed with discussions, including confirmation from Aorus about DP2.1 with a bandwidth of UHBR20.

Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike shared their anticipation for the 4K QD-OLED Gaming experience, testifying to the incredible hands-on experience with MSI’s 321URX monitor.

Looking Forward

As we step into this new era of gaming monitors, GIGABYTE’s OLED lineup paves the way for a future where visuals meet excellence. The melding of DP2.1 UHBR20 and OLED technology is set to create an unparalleled gaming immersion, promising an unforgettable journey for gamers worldwide.

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