Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G: Outdoor Smartphone with 22,000mAh Battery | 5G, Dual SIM, 8GB RAM

The Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G smartphone is a tough phone. It has a huge battery that lasts a long time. The battery is 22,000mAh big. This phone can connect to 5G, which means it can download stuff really fast. Now, let’s look at its main features in detail.

Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G Specifications

Here’s a specification table for the Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G smartphone:

Battery Capacity22,000 mAh
Battery LifeUp to a week
Charging PowerUp to 33 watts
Power Bank OutputUp to 18 watts
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 6100+
Network Connectivity5G
Expandable MemoryYes
Internal Memory256 GB
Display Size6.6 inches
Display Resolution2408 x 1080
Display Refresh Rate60 Hz
Display ProtectionGorilla Glass
DesignReinforced corners
DurabilityWater, dust, and drop-resistant
Dimensions27.2 mm thick
Weight577.5 grams
Main Camera64 MP
Night Vision Camera20 MP
SpeakerVolume: Up to 136 dB
Power: 5 watts
Launch DateJanuary 8th
AvailabilityDirect import

Battery Life and Power

The best thing about the Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G is its huge battery – it’s a whopping 22,000mAh! This means you can use it for days without needing to charge it, maybe even up to a whole week. It’s ideal for people who love going outdoors or are always busy.

Plus, it can charge super fast with up to 33 watts of power. You can also use it to charge other devices like your tablet or another phone because it works as a power bank with up to 18 watts of output.

Cutting-Edge Performance and Connectivity

Inside the Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G, there’s a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ processor and 8GB of RAM. This means the phone can do lots of things at once without slowing down. Whether you’re browsing the internet or playing games, it runs smoothly.

And with 5G, you get super fast internet speeds. You can download and upload things really quickly, watch high-quality videos without waiting for them to buffer, and have video calls without any annoying delays.

Expansive Storage and Dual SIM Support

The Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G comes with a large storage space of 256GB inside so you can store lots of photos, videos, apps and other stuff. And if you need more space, you can put in a microSD card to add even more storage. This means you won’t have to delete any of your favorite memories or apps.

It also has dual SIM support, which means you can use two different SIM cards at the same time. This is handy if you want to switch between different phone carriers or if you want to keep work and personal calls separate.

Immersive Display and Superior Protection

Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G smartphone's display specifications
Image credits Oukitel

The Oukitel WP33 Pro has a beautiful 6.6-inch display with really clear images, thanks to its high resolution of 2408 x 1080 pixels. This makes everything you see on the screen look vibrant and sharp, giving you an awesome viewing experience.

The screen also refreshes at a rate of 60 times per second, which means things like scrolling and tapping on the screen feel really smooth. Plus, it’s protected by Gorilla Glass, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or cracks ruining your screen.

And this phone is tough too! It’s built to resist water, dust and drops, and it has reinforced corners to make it even stronger.

Captivating Camera and Powerful Sound

The Oukitel WP33 Pro comes with a powerful 64MP main camera and a special 20MP night vision camera. This means you can take amazing photos and videos no matter if it’s bright outside or really dark.

And when it comes to sound, this phone doesn’t disappoint either. It has a speaker that can get as loud as 136 dB with 5 watts of power. So whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or talking on the phone hands-free, you’ll always have clear and loud audio wherever you are.

A Robust Design for Tough Environments

Even though the Oukitel WP33 Pro is built tough, it still looks stylish. It has a sleek design, but it’s also rugged, with reinforced corners and a thickness of 27.2mm. This means it’s tough enough to handle rough situations, but it still looks good.

Pricing and Availability

The Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G was released on January 8th, priced at $299. That’s a great deal considering all the top-notch features it offers and its tough build. Even if you can’t find it in stores nearby, you can buy it directly through import channels.

The Oukitel WP33 Pro raises the bar for rugged smartphones by offering exceptional battery life, top-notch performance and excellent durability all wrapped up in a stylish design.

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