MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 Review: All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler with LCD Display

When you play games on a computer or use it for things that need a lot of power, it’s really important to make sure the computer doesn’t get too hot. People use a method called liquid cooling to keep it cool. The MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 is a really good choice for this. In this review, we’ll talk about what it can do, how well it works, how to put it in your computer, and if it’s worth the money.

MPG CORELIQUID D360 Specifications

Sleek Design and Superior Functionality

The MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 has a really cool design that looks good and works well. Inside, it has a big 360mm radiator made of high-quality aluminum. This radiator helps the computer stay cool, especially when it’s doing a lot of work. The size of this radiator is 394 x 120 x 27 mm, and it helps the cooler work really well.

Powerful Cooling Performance

MPG CORELIQUID D360 Three fans
Image via MSI

The MPG CORELIQUID D360 comes with three 120mm fans that push a lot of air, about 77.4 cubic feet per minute. This makes sure that the cooling is really effective. These fans are made to be reliable with two ball bearings and can last for a long time – around 100,000 hours. You can also control the fan speeds very precisely using PWM, which helps with cooling exactly how you want it.

Quiet and Durable Pump Unit

The pump in the MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 is built to last and runs quietly, making only 21.2 decibels of noise. It’s made to keep working well for a long time, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. You can control the pump speed with PWM, and it can go up to 2800 RPM, which helps keep the cooling liquid moving efficiently.

Enhanced Compatibility and Versatility

The part of the cooler that goes on the main computer chip has a copper surface to move heat really well. It can work with many types of Intel and AMD sockets, such as LGA 1700, 1200, 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, 2066, 2011-3, 2011, AM5, AM4, TR4, and sTRX4. This means the MPG CORELIQUID D360 can be used with a lot of different computer systems.

Innovative 2.4-inch IPS Display

One cool thing about the MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 is that it has a small screen (2.4 inches) on the pump part. This screen shows you important information about your computer in real-time, like how hot the main chip is, how fast the fans are spinning, and how warm the cooling liquid is. You can also make this screen more personal by putting things like GIFs, MP4s, pictures, text or even live weather updates on it.

Accessories and Customization Options

When you get the MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360, it comes with some extra stuff to make installing it easier, like a cable that lets you connect multiple colorful lights (ARGB) and a special paste for better heat transfer. The cooler also has its own colorful lights that can be coordinated with other RGB parts using MSI’s Mystic Light software.

Superior Cooling Performance

When we tested the MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 under tough conditions, it kept the main chip really cool. Even when we pushed the computer hard or made it work faster than usual (overclocking), the CPU stayed at good temperatures. This cooler works well because of its big radiator, strong fans, and tough pump, which all help to move heat away from the CPU making it work better.

Effortless Installation Process

Setting up the MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 is easy because it comes with all the parts you need and clear instructions. You can easily attach the radiator to your computer case, put the CPU block on the main processor, and connect the cables to the motherboard. The colorful lights (RGB) can be customized to make your computer look cool, and the small screen (LCD display) makes it easy to keep an eye on things and personalize the settings.

Value Proposition

The MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 provides good value for both PC enthusiasts and gamers. Its high-quality build, excellent cooling abilities, and options for customization make it a great choice for people who want both performance and a good-looking setup. Whether you play games occasionally or you’re really into it, the MPG CORELIQUID D360 gives you the cooling power and ways to personalize your experience, making your gaming setup even better.

The Ultimate Liquid Cooling Solution

The MSI MPG CORELIQUID D360 is among the best when it comes to all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. Its stylish design, strong cooling capabilities, and clever features give you everything necessary for top-notch performance and a good look for your computer. Whether you’re putting together a gaming PC or a powerful work on a computer, the MPG CORELIQUID D360 provides unmatched performance and style that will impress even the most particular users.

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