JERA and Exxon Mobil Team Up for Clean Hydrogen and Ammonia Production in the USA

JERA, a big power company in Japan is joining hands with Exxon Mobil to explore making low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia in the USA. This is a big step towards cleaner energy. The plan is to build a huge plant in Texas by 2028 that can make a lot of hydrogen and ammonia without releasing much carbon.

Working Together for Cleaner Energy

Exxon Mobil is already working on a big project to make low-carbon hydrogen in Texas. JERA wants to join in and maybe invest money. Together, they hope to make a lot of clean energy that doesn’t harm the environment.

The plant they’re planning will have a massive capacity. It’s expected to produce about 900,000 metric tons of hydrogen and over 1 million tons of ammonia every year. That’s a huge amount of clean energy!

Ammonia might be the fuel of the future. When we burn ammonia, it doesn’t make carbon dioxide, which is good for the planet. Making ammonia without adding to carbon emissions is a big deal. It could help us cut down on pollution and fight climate change.

Leaders at JERA and Exxon Mobil believe that working together is the key to making cleaner energy. They say we need to have good plans for making and using clean energy, and rules that support these plans, to make big projects like this successful.

Japan wants to cut down on the CO2 it releases into the air. They’re aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050. This means they want to balance out the amount of carbon they put out with the amount they take in. Joining projects like this one helps Japan move closer to its clean energy goals.

JERA will soon test mixing ammonia with coal at one of its power plants in Japan. This is a big deal because it’s never been done on such a large scale before. If it works, it could show that using ammonia in power plants is a good way to make energy without adding to pollution.

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The collaboration between JERA and Exxon Mobil is an exciting step towards cleaner energy. By making low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, they’re showing the world that we can find better ways to power our planet. With teamwork and innovation, we can build a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

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