Acer Unveils Swift Series with Intel Core Ultra Processors for Peak Performance

Acer has released new laptops in its Swift Series. These laptops have upgraded processors called Intel Core Ultra. The specific models are Acer Swift X 14, Swift Go 14, and Swift Go 16. They all come with the newest Intel Core Ultra CPUs.

These processors have something called Intel AI Boost, which makes them perform well while using power efficiently. Acer is releasing these laptops as part of their plan for CES 2024. They are focusing on using Intel’s Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) architecture for their Swift laptops, with a special emphasis on the laptops’ AI capabilities.

Swift Series Expands

image of Acer Swift Series, Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T)
Acer Swift Series, Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) (image: Acer)

The updated Swift Go 14 and the bigger Swift Go 16 models will offer a range of Intel Core Ultra processors. Among these is the midrange Ultra 7 155H chip, which was highlighted in the earlier review of the Swift Go 14 model.

Moreover, the lineup includes two H-series processors: Core Ultra 9 185H and Ultra 5 125H, as well as two chips from the U series: Ultra 7 155U and Ultra 5 125U.

Both laptops come with Intel Arc graphics and give you various display options. The 14-inch version allows you to choose a screen with up to 2.8K resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate, using OLED technology. On the other hand, the 16-inch model offers an even higher resolution with up to 3.2K and a faster 120Hz OLED display and both are certified as Imax Enhanced.

Additionally, the Swift Go series stands out with a high-resolution 1440p webcam.

Distinct Features

Interestingly, the 14-inch model comes with a touchpad that includes virtual media-control buttons, a feature that is not present in the Swift Go 16. Despite having a larger display, the Swift Go 16 does not have these media-control features. This could affect its suitability for tasks related to media consumption and control.

Pricing and Availability

The Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T) will be available in the US market starting in March, with a starting price of $750. Similarly, the Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) will be priced at $800 and will also be released in March.

Acer Swift X 14 with RTX Graphics

image of The Acer Swift X 14
The Acer Swift X 14 (image: Acer)

Acer has introduced the Swift X 14, combining Core Ultra processors with RTX graphics making it suitable for creators who want a powerful yet compact laptop. It comes with a Core Ultra 7 155H CPU and RTX 4070 graphics featuring a 14.5-inch Calman-verified 2.8K, 120Hz OLED display. However, unlike the Swift Go series, it is equipped with a 1080p webcam.

Pricing and Availability of Swift X 14

The Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G) starts at $1,400 and will be available from February.

The Intel AI Boost Advantage

Adding Intel AI Boost to the Core Ultra processors is a big deal. It makes the laptops work better and saves power, so the battery lasts longer. The Swift Series laptops are not just for work and fun; they become really strong and can easily handle tough jobs.

CES 2024: Acer’s Bold Move

Acer made a big announcement at CES 2024 about their Swift Series laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors. This move shows Acer’s strategic effort to step into the world of AI-driven computing.

These laptops were created based on the Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) architecture, highlighting Acer’s commitment to using advanced technologies to give users a better computing experience.

Implications for Users

For consumers, the launch of Acer’s Swift Series with Intel Core Ultra processors means real advantages. Whether you’re a professional needing strong computing power for tough tasks or a casual user looking for a quick and efficient laptop for everyday use, these devices meet a variety of needs.

  • Improved Productivity: The Core Ultra processors allow for quick multitasking and smooth switching between apps, boosting overall productivity.
  • Engaging Entertainment: Thanks to Intel AI Boost, users can have more enjoyable and immersive entertainment experiences, whether it’s gaming, streaming, or creative tasks.
  • Longer Battery Life: The optimization from Intel AI Boost ensures that the laptops provide impressive performance without sacrificing battery life, making them dependable for users on the move.

Acer’s bold step with the Swift Series laptops equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors is more than just introducing a new product; it’s a stride into the future of computing.

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